Regarding the selling on Sep 20 (Tue) <TOKYO MEN'S FES 2016> at 7F Main Building = Promotional Space

Regarding 「TOKYO MEN'S FES 2016 Men's 100 Happiness.」<ISETAN MEN'S ><BLACK SENSE MARKET><RESTIR EDITION><POGGY'S BOX><GR8>sale on Sep 20 (Tue)
■7F Main Building = Promotional Space

"For customers who wish to make purchase on Sep 20 (Tue), please proceeed to the following area listed below."

For I Card・MICARD・Mitsukoshi M Card holder (temporary card excluded)
Please proceed to the 1F Main Building = Isetan Parking Side Entrance 1
"Starting from 9:30am, order of admission will determined by lottery."
Participation in the lottery will end at 9:30 am.

"※Customers with I Card・MICARD・Mitsukoshi M Card must bring another ID to determine your identification in order to participating in the admission lottery. In addition, the ID must be the valid at the time when applying for I Card ・MICARD ・ Mitsukoshi M CARD (driver's license, passport, insurance card, Resident Register card with photo, alien registration card etc.)."
"※Please note that if you do not have an ID, you cannot participate in the lottery."

Customers who do not have the above cards
Please proceed to the B1F Main Building = Basement Parking Side Entrance
"Starting from 9:30am, the admission lottery will be determined following the above card holders lottery. "
Participation in the lottery will be closed at 9:30 am.

※Customers who do not have an MICARD can apply for one at the card counter on each floor. Card may be issued on the day of application. Please note that card may not be given depending on the review.

"※In case of large number of buyers, there is a possiblilty some may not be able to participate in the lottery. Thank you for your understanding."

【List of requests regarding shopping】
"・Purchase is limited only to the customer who participate in the lottery. In addition, lending and borrowing of the above card is prohibited, if discovered to be the case, both side will not be able to make a purchase."
"・As it is expected to be crowded, entrance is limited only to the customer who participate in the lottery. In addition, entrance admission may be restricted during a crowd as well as number of purchase."
"・After entering the 1st choice shop, if you wish to enter other shops, there is a possibility that the order is before and after the lottery numbers."
・Please note that all the items cannot be put on hold.
"・Number of purchase may be limited. Also, depending on the crowd, purchasing time may be limited as well. "
"・Order by phone・cash on delivery, if stock is available, will be accepted from noon on Sep 21 (Wed)."
・Please note that the items are limited hence they could be sold out.

Shinjuku Isetan is open from 10:30am to 8pm.
The Men's Building will be closed on at 6pm on Sep 20 (Tue).